Thursday, November 12, 2015

Storytime Programs - Fall II, 2015 - Week Four

Welcome to the fourth week of our storytime programs.  In addition to our weekly storytimes, there are numerous special events happening so be sure to check our Events Calendar, give us a call, or stop by the desk in the Early Learning Center if you would like more information.  We hope that you'll be joining us.   Below you will find some of the books, rhymes, and fingerplays we are presenting this week.

Baby Rhyme Time (For babies 0-11 months and a caregiver)

Can You Say It, Too?  Roar!  Roar! - Braun
At The Zoo - Sesame Beginnings (Not For Check Out)

Action Rhyme: Swing, Swing
Little monkeys swinging in the tree,
Show me your arms and swing like me.
Swing up high and swing down low,
Swing in the tree, now don't let go!
Swing, swing, like I do.
Swing like monkeys in the zoo.

Pretending to be animals exposes your child to different sounds and helps their physical development.  Show him pictures of animals in books and imitate their sounds.     

Wonderful Ones (For babies 12-23 months and a caregiver)

Five Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed - Christelow
Where Is The Green Sheep? - Fox

Action Rhyme: Fall
Autumn winds begin to blow (blow)
Colored leaves fall fast and slow (wiggle fingers down)
Twirling, whirling all around (turn around)
Until at last they touch the ground (touch the floor)

Repeat this rhyme at home with your toddler.  Then, next time you take a walk, look for some leaves.  Talk with your toddler about what you see.  Are the leaves on the trees or on the ground?  What colors are they?  How do they feel? 

Terrific Twos (For toddlers 2-3 years and a caregiver)

Whooo's There? - Serfozo
The Spooky Box - Gonyea

Action Rhyme: Stars
At night I see the twinkling stars (fist open and hands over head)
And a great big smiling moon (circle arms overhead)
My mommy tucks me into bed (lay head on hands)
And sings a goodnight tune (rock your hands side to side)

Talk with your toddler about what you see in the night sky.  Talk about what you see in the sky during the day.  What are some of the differences?

1, 2, Go!  (For children 1-3 years with caregiver)

Soggy Saturday - Root
Monster, Be Good - Ziefert and Marshall

Action Rhyme: Ring Around the Monster
(Tune: Ring Around the Rosie)
Ring around the monster,
Growl nice and loud,
Scare him, scare him,
We all fall down.
(Stomp around the monster...Hop around the monster...Skip around the monster)

Do you have a stuffed animal or picture you can put in the middle of the floor to repeat this action rhyme at home?  There's lots of great vocabulary for your toddler in this rhyme.  Make it fun!

StoryMix For 3 to 6 (For children 3-6 years without caregiver)

Move Over, Rover - Beaumont
The Bravest of the Brave - Crum
The Tail of Little Skunk - Arnold

Rhyme: If You See a Skunk
If you see a skunk (cup hands around eyes)
Take it from me (point to self)
Be sure not to scare him (shake head)
Or sorry you'll be!  (hold nose)

Skunks are interesting animals to learn about.  Ask your preschooler what he remembers about them from storytime.  What do they look like?  What do they smell like?!  Where do they live?      

Family Jam (For families with young children)

The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear - Wood
Ten Red Apples - Hutchins
Holly's Red Boots - Chessa

Rhyme: I Love Red (Tune: Three Blind Mice)
I love red, I love red
That's what I said, that's what I said
Firetrucks, wagons, and strawberries piled high
Stop signs, hearts, and pizza pies
Roses, tomatoes, and apples, oh my
I love red, that's what I said.

Your child will surely recognize the color red after this week's storytime!  But does your child know that by mixing red with yellow you will get orange?  Show him how to do this with this simple experiment.  Put a small amount of ketchup and yellow mustard in a ziploc bag.  Seal it tightly.  Now for the fun part.  Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze it until it mixes together and turns orange!   

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