Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Storytime Programs - Winter, 2016 - Week Six

Welcome to the sixth week of winter storytime programs.  In addition to our weekly storytimes, there are numerous special events happening so be sure to check our Events Calendar, give us a call, or stop by the desk in the Early Learning Center if you would like more information.  We hope that you'll be joining us.   Below you will find some of the books, rhymes, and fingerplays we are presenting this week.

Baby Rhyme Time (For babies 0-11 months and a caregiver)


I Love My Baby Because ... - Simons
Where Is Baby's Valentine? - Katz

Action Rhyme:
The Kissy Game
Kissy, kissy fingers,
Kissy, kissy toes.
Kissy, kissy baby,
On your kissy, kissy nose.
I love to kiss your fingers,
I love to kiss your toes,
I love to kiss my baby,
On his kissy, kissy nose.

"When babies feel loved and secure, they feel more confident to explore the world around them."
Baby Storytime Magic by MacMillan and Kirker

Wonderful Ones (For babies 12-23 months and a caregiver)


Five Little Ducks - Raffi
Honk! - Demarest

Action Rhyme:
Five Little Frogs
Five green and speckled frogs,
Sitting on a speckled log,
Eating some most delicious bugs,
Yum, yum!
One jumped into the pool,
Where it was nice and cool,
Now there are four speckled frogs,
Glub, glub!
....and so on in descending order

Practice this rhyme at home using fingers.  It's a great way to develop the muscles in your child's fingers. 

Terrific Twos (For toddlers 2-3 years and a caregiver)


Snow Rabbit, Spring Rabbit: A Book of Changing Seasons - Na
When Winter Comes - Van Laan

Action Rhyme: Snowflake, Snowflake
Snowflake, snowflake, dance around,
Snowflake, snowflake, touch the ground.
Snowflake, snowflake, soft and white,
Snowflake, snowflake, snowball fight! 

What a fun rhyme to repeat at home!  Use cotton balls, balled up socks, or something else soft to represent snowballs and end the rhyme with a snowball fight!  

1, 2, Go!  (For children 1-3 years and a caregiver)


My Heart Is Like a Zoo - Hall
If You Were a Penguin - Minor

Action Rhyme: The Penguin Went Over the Iceberg
The penguin went over the iceberg,
The penguin went over the iceberg,
The penguin went over the iceberg,
To see what he could see,
To see what he could see,
To see what he could see,
The other side of the iceberg,
The other side of the iceberg,
The other side of the iceberg,
Was all that he could see.

Show your child what "over" means.  Line up some cushions and jump "over" them.  Can you use the cushions to demonstrate other words in a fun way?  Under, on, next to....?

StoryMix For 3 to 6 (For children 3-6 years without caregiver)


Little Red Riding Hood - Ransom

Big Bad Wolf - Masurel
Valentine Surprise - Demas 

Action Rhyme:
Snip, Snip, Snip
Snip, snip, snip the paper,
Paste, paste, paste the paper,
Press, press, press the paper
Here's a valentine for you!

Cutting with scissors requires the skill of hand separation, which is the ability to use the thumb, index, and middle fingers separately from the pinkie and ring fingers.  This can be challenging for small hands.  Help your preschooler refine his fine motor skills with scissor practice whenever you can.

Family Jam (For families with young children)


If You'll Be My Valentine - Rylant
How To Hug - MacDonald
Kisses - Roep

Action Rhyme: Give Mom/Dad a Hug
Roar like a lion, growl like a bear,
Give mom/dad a hug, show her you care.
Hop like a bunny, flap like a bird,
Quiet as a mouse, now don't say a word.

We all enjoyed Laura Doherty's Heartbeat YouTube video during this week's storytime.  If you'd like to watch it again, click on the link below.  Also, check our library catalog for some of her CD's.  

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