Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Storytime Programs - Fall II, 2015 - Week Six

Welcome to the final week of fall storytime programs.  During our break in December there are numerous special events happening so be sure to check our Events Calendar, give us a call, or stop by the desk in the Early Learning Center if you would like more information.  We hope that you'll be joining us.   Below you will find some of the books, rhymes, and fingerplays we are presenting this week.

Baby Rhyme Time (For babies 0-11 months and a caregiver)

Playtime Peekaboo! - Sirett
Peek-a-Boo, You! - Intrater

Action Rhyme: Where Is Baby?
Where is baby?  Where is baby?
There you are!  There you are!
We're so glad to see you.  We're so glad to see you.
Yes, we are!  Yes, we are!

Each time you go out of sight and come back, you are teaching your child that you still exist when he can't see you.  This lesson promotes a sense of security that is vital for learning.

Wonderful Ones (For babies 12-23 months and a caregiver)

Flora's Blanket - Gliori
Busy Bunnies - Schindel

Action Rhyme: Here Is My Room
Here is my room,
And here is my bed.
Here is my pillow,
For my sleepy head. (put hands under head)
Pull up the blankets. (pull hands up to neck)
Snuggle in tight. (wiggle)
Wait while I yawn. (yawn)
Then kiss me goodnight.  (blow a big kiss)

Help reinforce a bedtime routine with your toddler by repeating this rhyme at home.  For more fun, act it out with a favorite stuffed toy or doll and any special blanket that your toddler has.    

Terrific Twos (For toddlers 2-3 years and a caregiver)

Who Wants a Dragon? - Mayhew
I'm Not Scared - Allen

Action Rhyme: Little Dragon
Little dragon counts to three,
Little dragon bends one knee,
Little dragon touches his nose,
Little dragon touches his toes,
Little dragon makes a funny face,
Little dragon runs in place,
Little dragon lays on the floor,
Little dragon starts to snore.

Teach your child simple rhyming words just like in Little Dragon.   Use nursery rhymes, songs, and books. Words that can be grouped together by a common sound (cat, hat, bat...) can be used later on to teach spelling, word recognition, and reading.  

1, 2, Go!  (For children 1-3 years and a caregiver)

Monsters Love Colors - Austin
Feast for 10 - Falwell

Action Rhyme: Turkey Pokey
You put your wing in,
You put your wing out,
You put your wing in,
And you shake it all about.
You do the turkey pokey,
And you gobble all around,
That's what it's all about - Gobble, gobble!
You put your leg in...
You put your tail feathers in...
You put your beak in...
You put your turkey self in...

Sing the Turkey Pokey or the Hokey Pokey.  Sing Ring Around the Rosie or The Wheels on the Bus. Sing any song you know.  Make time to sing and play with your toddler!

StoryMix For 3 to 6 (For children 3-6 years without caregiver)

Leaf Trouble - Emmett
The Busy Little Squirrel - Tafuri
Run, Turkey, Run! - Mayr

Action Rhyme: Five Little Squirrels
Five little squirrels sitting on a tree, (hold up five fingers)
The first one said, "It's getting cold for me" (hold up one finger)
The second one said, "The leaves are falling to the ground" (hold up two fingers)
The third one said, "Let's get busy, there are nuts to be found" (hold up three fingers)
The fourth one said, "We better not wait" (hold up four fingers)
The fifth one said, "Fall is really great!" (hold up five fingers)

Your child can probably count really high, but does he know the ordinal numbers?  First, second, third, and so on?  Talk with your child about what he does first when he gets up in the morning. Does he get dressed first?  Brush his teeth?  What does he do second, and so on?      

Family Jam (For families with young children)

In My New Yellow Shirt - Spinelli
One Mitten - George

Prop Rhyme: Silly Hat Song (Tune: This Old Man)
On my head, I wear my hat,
It is such a silly hat
That my head will wiggle waggle
To and fro.
Where else can my silly hat go?
On my knee...
On my elbow... etc.

Repeat this rhyme at home with your child using one of his hats.  Where else can his silly hat go?

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  1. These are fun holiday rhymes. One of my favorites.....
    Five fat turkeys are we.
    We slept all night in a tree. When the cook came around, we couldn’t be found,
    and that’s why we’re here, you see!

    Happy Thanksgiving!


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