Sunday, May 19, 2013

Summer Fingerplays

Here are some fun finger plays to do with your child. These are great for long car rides, picnics, and promoting early literacy even in the busy summer months.

The Rain Cloud
One sunny, summer morning
(Make big circle overhead for sun)
A fluffy cloud sailed by.
(Make waving motions with hands)
When all at once he saw a field
(Shade eyes, look down)
That really did look dry.
“All out!” he cried, “There’s work to do.”
(Cup hand to mouth)
And stopped right in the sky.
(Stand still)
A million raindrop passengers
(Make rain motion with fingers)
Jumped out and called, “Good-bye!” (Cup hand to mouth, call upward)

Green Leaf
Here’s a green leaf (show hand)
And here’s a green leaf. (show other hand)
That you see, makes two.

Here’s a bud. (cup hands together)
That makes a flower;
Watch it bloom for you! (open cupped hands gradually)

I can dive
(move hands flattened together)
I can swim
(Swimming motion)
I can float
(Hands out at sides with head thrown back)
I can fetch and dog paddle
(paddle like a dog)
is the stroke that I do best.

Little Bluebird
(Begin with one hand palm up for the tree branch and other fist on top for the nest & bluebird.)
Little bluebird rests in a tree.
(Thumb stick out of fist as a bluebird.)
Little bluebird looks at me.
(Nod thumb.)
Little bluebird chirps, “Hello.”
(Tap thumb and index finger together to chirp.- the ASL sign for “bird”)
Spread your wings and away you go!
(Cross hands, hook thumbs and wave fingers to “fly away.”)

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