Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ten Summer Activities You Can Do Together: Vacation Ideas

Are you going on a vacation or trip this summer?  Is it somewhere adventurous, sunny and warm, or a staycation in your backyard?  No matter where you go on your summer journey, we have a group of  Ten Summer Activities You Can Do Together perfect for sharing with the whole family.  All of these activities are designed to be done while on a trip or while getting to your destination!  Don't forget to visit the library and check out some books to read while you're gone or discover some audio books to listen to on your journey.  Be sure you indicate on your Summer Reading log all the progress you make.  

  1. Make a list of what to pack in your suitcase
  2. Make a tent inside using blankets or outside with a tent and play camping
  3. Draw a picture of you and your family swimming in a lake
  4. Go on a hike or ride your bike at a forest preserve
  5. Collect seashells or rocks and count them
  6. Write a postcard and send it to Grandma or Grandpa
  7. Play I spy with license plates or the traffic signs you see
  8. Find the state or country on a map where a friend or relative lives
  9. Read a book about your favorite vacation spot or a place you want to visit
  10. Sing “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” (Get the lyrics from

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