Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ten Summer Activities You Can Do Together: Cars and Trucks and Planes and Trains OH MY!

 ZOOOOOOOOM and VROOOOOOM!  CHOO CHOO!  Select a book about cars, trucks or other moving objects such as an airplane or train from the library and read the story with your child.  Then, help reinforce the sounds, actions and names of the objects by trying one or all of these activities.  You can do these at the library, at home, at the park, at the pool, or wherever you find time together! 

  1. Count all the blue (or red or green or brown, etc.) trucks you see
  2. Sing Wheels On The Bus or Wheels on the Car
  3. Draw a picture of the car you would like
  4. Help Mom & Dad or Grandma & Grandpa wash the family car
  5. Find a box and make a car
  6. Use wheels and paint to make tracks on paper
  7. Read a book about different types of trains
  8. Use the lid of a pot as a steering wheel and pretend to drive a _(Choose car, truck, etc.)_ to the _(Choose a location such as the store)_
  9. What words rhyme with car? What words rhyme with plane? What words rhyme with truck? What words rhyme with train?
  10. Use small toy cars to form the 1st initial of your name

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