Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Terrific Twos: Cars Go VROOM!

It's Terrific Two Year Old time!  Our theme over the next several weeks will be 'Things That Go!' beginning with everyone's favorite, CARS!   Our selection of rhymes, songs and stories encourages active play and thoughtful fun for kids who like motion and movement.  In this week's rhymes and stories, children will also learn concepts such as numbers and counting through repetition and singing.  They also learn about how a car works which helps them put together words and ideas in order to make connections and understand words in print.   

Five Little Cars 
One little car,
It happened to be blue,
Met another car,
Then there were two.

Two little cars
Driving by the sea.
One drove up from the beach,
Then there were three.

Three little cars
Driving by the store,
Another pulled out,
Then there were four.

Four little cars
Out for a drive.
Another car joined them,
Then there were five.

Open the Door Rhyme
Open the car door, climb inside.
I wish I could help my Mommy drive.
Fasten our seatbelts, shut the door.
Start the motor, hear it roar…vroom…vroom…
Turn the corner, step on the gas.
Sometimes we go slow and sometimes we go fast.

We read these books at this week's Terrific Twos:

My Car by Byron Barton
Sam describes in loving detail his car and how he drives it.
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Mr. Gumpy's Motor Car by John Burningham
Mr. Gumpy's human and animal friends squash into his old car and go for a drive -- until it starts to rain.
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The Life of a Car by Susan Steggall
Follow the life of a car as it is built, sold, delivered, and in the end recycled to build a new car! 
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