Monday, September 26, 2011

1, 2, 3, GO! Birthday Bonanza!

Does your child celebrate a fall birthday?  Everyone loves a birthday party!  This week in 1, 2, 3 Go we are singing songs and playing games full of birthday fun!

Our game, Five Candles on a Birthday Cake is an interactive game that encourages new words, numbers and counting.  Children love to guess just how many candles will come next.  By using such a game, your child will also learn vocabulary and comprehension.  As children listen and see the spoken words, they begin to understand how a story works and how words and sentences are put together.

Five Candles on a Birthday Cake
Five candles on a birthday cake
Five, and not one more.
You may blow one candle out,
And that leaves four!

Four candles on a birthday cake
There for all to see.
You may blow one candle out,
And that makes three!

Three candles on a birthday cake
Standing straight and true.
You may blow one candle out,
And that leaves two!

Two candles on a birthday cake
Helping us have fun.
You may blow one candle out,
And that leaves one!

One candle on a birthday cake
We know its task is done.
You may blow this candle out,
And that leaves none!

For more interactive birthday stories to read together, try these two books from our program today:

Benny Bakes a Cake by Eve Rice
When the dog eats Benny's birthday cake, Daddy comes to the rescue.
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Pat-a-Cake, Pat-a-Cake by Moira Kemp
Presents the popular nursery rhyme with colorful illustrations and detailed finger play activities for each line of the rhyme.
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Looking for more birthday books?  Here are several more to devour like birthday cake:

One, Two, Buckle My Shoe by Jane Cabrera
Four chicks have fun hiding while Rabbit and Mommy Hen prepare a party for the little pigs' birthday.
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The Birthday Pet by Ellen Javernick
Danny can have a pet for his birthday and he knows exactly what he wants, but the other members of his family think differently.
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A Birthday for Cow by Jan Thomas
Despite the objections of Pig and Mouse, Duck insists on adding a special ingredient to the cake they are making to celebrate Cow's birthday.
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I Want Two Birthdays by Tony Ross
A little princess decides that two birthdays would be better than one, and three better than two, until every day becomes her birthday, but she soon realizes that the more birthdays she has, the less special they are.
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