Monday, May 11, 2015

Getting the Most Out of Picture Books

Picture books blend stories with art.  The illustrations are as important as the text, and both work together to tell the story.  A child's first impression of a book is usually determined by the pictures.
Some important points to remember:

  • When you read a picture book with your preschooler, pay attention to the illustrations as well.  Look for books with interesting, eye-catching illustrations to grab his attention.  
  • Look through the pages before you even begin reading.  That way, the illustrations will draw in even the most reluctant reader and help them develop a life-long love of reading.  Discuss what you see.
  • Illustrations convey meaning and carry information.  A story about a trip to a zoo or to the moon may have illustrations that will teach your child a lot about these places.    
  • Picture books help young children understand that words convey meaning, well before they are aware of the text.  
  • They can increase a child's vocabulary.  They can help children identify colors, shapes, numbers, and letters, as well as names of people, places, animals, and everyday objects. Choose books with clear or realistic pictures so that kids can point to objects and learn names.

Great picture books are everywhere!  If you'd like to receive our bi-weekly reading suggestion for preschoolers via email, click on the following link -   Book Lists - Reading Together, or stop by the desk in the Early Learning Center for more suggestions.  

Adapted from an article at Get Ready to Read

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