Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Story Mix for Three to Six Mini-Stories

At our Story Mix for Three to Six classes, our participants were often given questions or activities to complete or take home and bring back for the next week.  These delightful mini-stories were then shared with everyone in attendance.  We wanted to take this posting to share these colorful and cheerful responses with you!

  • David was asked to draw a picture of a creepy, crawly bug.  His bug was a spider with 8 legs! 
  •  Leila has a favorite hat that is light pink, with a big teal and pink flower to keep her warm on winter days. 
  • Parker, Charlie and Noah all love ice cream sundaes and parfaits!  Their favorites are chocolate and vanilla and Parker likes his sundae with sprinkles.  
  • Ethan was asked how many pairs of shoes he has and he counted 2 and 1 pair of boots.  He said boys don't have many shoes.  But Josiah said he has 6 pairs of shoes and Owen said he had 9 pairs!
  •  Hannah and Malaina both say when they go to sleep at night, they like to wear their favorite purple pajamas!  Avah prefers her favorite red pajamas when she goes to bed.
  •  Raquel had fun dressing up in yellow fancy clothes. 
  •  Brooke thought dressing up like Tinkerbell was pretty funny.
  • Evan and Ella were asked what kind and color new shoes they would like.  Evan wants black, fast running shoes.  Ella wants brown gym shoes. 
  •  Isaiah said when he sat on the couch or bed with his family, there were 10 feet!  That's 5 pairs!  
  •  Jaxon is the oldest in his family, and he has a younger sister.  Lisbeth also has a sister, but her sister is older.  Teagan is the youngest and has 2 big brothers!
  • Camila shared the names of her family members with us at class.
  • Yisel sang the alphabet, while Logan, Gabriella and Haylie all sang different songs!
  •  All the kids wanted a hug from porcupine!  And all the kids love hugs! Joey said he gets hugs from mommy and daddy and he hugs them back.    

Each week the children were asked to read a book and tell the class which book they read:

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