Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tips for Reading to Babies

It’s never too soon to read to your baby.  The moments you share together can make a reader for life.  Start now!

Tips for Reading to Babies

  • Share a book with your baby every day.  Even a few minutes makes a difference.
  • Talk with your baby while you read, and show your baby that reading is fun.
  • When you read, point to pictures, ask questions, and talk about what they’re seeing.  When they babble to you, listen, smile, and talk.
  • Read the same books over and over again.  One to two year olds love to hear the same words again and again.
  • Read when your baby is rested and in a good mood.  If your child gets restless, it’s okay to stop for now.
  • Cuddle up and sing your favorite children’s songs.
  • Use every moment you have.  At bath time, bedtime, bounce time, say nursery rhymes, sing lullabies, play pat-a-cake, count toes – and let your baby listen.

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