Monday, September 26, 2011

Wonderful Ones: Counting Babies

In this week's Wonderful Ones we read the book Ten Tiny Babies by Karen Katz, available to check out at the Gail Borden library.  Karen Katz has written many books for parents and babies to read together, many of them with simple themes such as colors and numbers and colorful artwork to grab baby's attention.  To find more Karen Katz books, search the library catalog by the author's name.

One of the first learning concepts babies are exposed to are numbers and counting.  Counting aloud not only introduces new sounds and words, but also creates a stimulating learning environment.  The rhymes below bring together interaction between you and your baby in an engaging and positive atmosphere, with counting actions and concepts.

Five Babies Rhyme
One little baby rocking in a tree,
Two little babies splashing in the sea,
Three little babies crawling on the floor,
Four little babies banging on the door,
Five little babies playing hide-and-seek,
Keep your eyes closed tight now,
Until I say peek!

Clap, Two, Three, Four Rhyme
Clap, two, three, four.
Shake, two, three, four.
Pat, two, three, four.
Roll, two, three, four.
Push, two, three, four.
Shake your hands and clap, clap, clap
Shake your hands and fold them in your lap.

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