Monday, September 19, 2011

Terrific Twos: Toe Tapping Fun

It's our third week of toe tapping fun at the Terrific Twos fall program and we have several new rhymes and books to share. Children love to move their feet by dancing, hopping, tapping and running.  The interactive foot movements in the rhyme below help children to think symbolically by connecting the motions with the words.  Clapping, tapping and bouncing to rhythms allows children to also hear syllables and improves motor skills.

My Silly Feet Rhyme
Have you seen my silly feet, (wiggle feet)
Walking down the silly street? (pretend to walk around)
Sometimes fast, sometimes slow, (walk fast, then slow)
Sometimes high, sometimes low. (walk high, walk low)

Come and walk along with me, (walk with each other)
Walk just like my feet you see. (walk like you see your child walking)
First we’ll glide on skates, then stop, (pretend to glide on skates, then stop)
Then we’ll spin and hop, hop, hop.  (spin and hop)

At the beginning of each Terrific Twos program, we sing the song called, "Sing it, Say it, Stamp it, Sway it" by Peter and Ellen Allard.  This music CD is available to check out at the library.  Play the CD in your car so you and your child can sing along while driving.  Or play the CD at home for some toe tapping fun.  For additional resources from Peter and Ellen Allard, visit their website.  

Check catalog availability of "Sing it, Say it, Stamp it, Sway it."

Sing it, Say it, Stamp it, Sway it
Words and Music: Peter and Ellen Allard

Fingers wiggling, fingers wiggling, wiggling 1-2-3
Fingers wiggling, wiggling 'til they stop.

Knees bending, knees bending, bending 1-2-3
Knees bending, wiggling 'til they stop.

Legs marching, legs marching, marching 1-2-3
Legs marching, marching 'til they stop. 

Repeat the song using other motions:
Arms swaying...
Eyes blinking...
Shoulders shrugging...
Bodies moving...

In addition to activities and rhymes, have fun reading these two books with your Terrific Two Year Old! For more books about shoes and feet, check out this Ready Set Read Terrific Twos post.

Which Shoes Would You Chose by Betsy Rosenthal
Check catalog availability

What Shall We Do When We All Go Out? by Shari Halpern
Check catalog availability

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