Monday, August 29, 2011

Good Morning and Good Night Books

This booklist uses stories, rhymes, and repetition to show the different tasks children do to start and end their day.  Through talking and reading, children learn different sounds and words.  Reading enables children to understand that printed words stand for spoken words, as well as, learn how a book works.

When you read together, talk with your child and ask questions about some of the book subjects.  For example, ask your child 'What happens in the morning when you wake up?' or talk about some of the tasks you share at night such as bathtime or storytime.  Conversation between you and your child is one of the best ways to help him or her learn new information and words.  

A Child's Good Morning Book, by Margaret Wise Brown
As the sun rises, birds, horses, rabbits, flowers, bugs, and finally children get up to start their day.
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The Clock Struck One : a time-telling tale, by Trudy Harris
Rhyming text expands on the nursery rhyme "Hickory Dickory Dock," as a cat chases the mouse up the clock, followed by other animals, until midnight arrives and the tired creatures fall asleep. Includes facts about clocks and basic information about telling time.
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Cuddle Up, Goodnight, by Katie Cleminson
It's time to dress and time for school; time to play and time for dinner - there's just so much to do! But before you know it, it's time for bed and for stories and cuddles.
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A Day With Nellie, by Marthe Jocelyn
A simple story that follows Nellie through a typical day from waking up to listening to her father read a bedtime story.
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Hello, Day!by Anita Lobel
Various animals greet the sunrise in their own unique voices, except for the owl who welcomes the night.
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One Magical Morning, by Claire Freedman
Easy-to-read, rhyming text follows Mommy and Little Bear as they go out early one morning to see the day dawn and find other woodland creatures awakening as they pass by.


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